How to Call Bolivia from US (United States)

Making international calls can seem complex, but connecting with friends, family, or business associates in Bolivia from the United States is straightforward once you understand the process.

This detailed guide provides everything you need to know to make successful calls to Bolivia, including step-by-step instructions, understanding international dialing codes, and additional tips for a seamless calling experience.

How to Call Bolivia from the US: A Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these detailed steps to ensure your call to Bolivia goes smoothly:

Step 1: Dial the International Exit Code

First, enter “011”, the international exit code for making calls outside of the US.

Step 2: Enter the Country Code for Bolivia

After the exit code, dial Bolivia’s country code: “+591”.

Step 3: Dial the Area Code

Bolivia comprises different area codes for its cities. Identify and dial the specific area code for the city you’re calling in Bolivia. Check Bolivia Area Codes.

Step 4: Dial the Local Phone Number

Conclude by dialing the local phone number within the city.

Here’s a quick format summary:

011 + 591 + Area Code + Local Number

By following these steps, you’re set to successfully connect with Bolivia from the US.

Real-World Examples

Let’s apply what we’ve learned with some examples:

Example 1: Calling La Paz from New York City

To call a La Paz number from NYC, you would dial:

  • 011 + 591 + 2 + Local Number

La Paz’s area code is “2”. If the local number is 123-4567, you’d dial: 011-591-2-123-4567.

Example 2: Contacting Santa Cruz from Los Angeles

For Santa Cruz, with its area code “3”:

  • 011 + 591 + 3 + Local Number

Assuming the local number is 765-4321, your dialing sequence is: 011-591-3-765-4321.

Bolivia Area Codes

Understanding International Dialing Codes

International dialing codes are essential for routing your call to the right country. For Bolivia, the international dialing code is “+591“. Knowing and using the correct code is the first step in ensuring your call reaches its destination.

Best Time to Call Bolivia from the United States

Understanding the time difference between the United States and Bolivia ensures that you make calls at appropriate times.

Current Time Comparison:

  • Estados Unidos:
  • Bolivia:

The United States is typically 2 hours behind Bolivia, making it essential to time your calls to avoid inconvenience.

Tips for Making International Calls

How to Call Bolivia From United States
How to Call Bolivia From United States

To enhance your international calling experience, consider these helpful tips:

  • Check the Time Zone: Bolivia operates in a different time zone than the US. Ensure you’re calling at an appropriate hour.
  • Select a Reliable Service Provider: Quality varies among providers. Choose one known for reliable international calls.
  • Explore International Calling Plans: Many providers offer plans that reduce the cost of international calls. See if one fits your needs.
  • Verify Numbers Before Calling: Double-check country and area codes to avoid misdialed calls.


What is the best time to call Bolivia from the US?

Aim for midday to early evening in the US to catch recipients in Bolivia during reasonable hours.

Can I use my cellphone to call Bolivia?

Yes, you can use a mobile phone, following the same dialing format. Check with your service provider for rates.

Are there alternative methods to call Bolivia?

VoIP services like Skype, WhatsApp, and Zoom offer economical or free international calls via an internet connection.

How do I find specific area codes within Bolivia?

You can find this information in our table of Bolivia area codes here.

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