Bolivia Area Codes

Bolivia is divided into nine departments, each with its own area code. The area codes in Bolivia are organized by region, with each area code corresponding to a specific geographic area. Let’s take a closer look at the different area codes in Bolivia and the regions they cover:

Area Codes in Bolivia

No.DepartmentArea Code
1La Paz2
4Santa Cruz3
Bolivia Area Codes

How to Call Bolivia from US (United States)

La Paz Area Code

The La Paz Area Code is 2. This specific code is integral for connecting with the vibrant city of La Paz, as well as other locations within the same region, including Potosí and Oruro. La Paz, being a significant cultural and political hub, requires this area code for all telecommunications within the area. When planning to make or receive calls to La Paz, remembering to use the 2 area code is essential.

Potosí Area Code

Potosí also utilizes the Area Code 2. This historic city, known for its rich mining history and colonial architecture, shares the area code with La Paz and Oruro. This unified area code simplifies communication across these culturally and geographically diverse regions. Dialing the 2 area code connects you to Potosí, a city that boasts a rich historical narrative intertwined with Bolivia’s colonial past.

Oruro Area Code

Oruro, famous for its annual carnival—a UNESCO recognized event—falls under the Area Code 2 as well. This shared area code underscores the connectivity between Oruro and the neighboring departments of La Paz and Potosí. For anyone looking to experience the cultural richness of Oruro, using the 2 area code is necessary for all telephonic communication within this region.

Santa Cruz Area Code

Santa Cruz is served by the Area Code 3. This code is crucial for accessing Bolivia’s most populous city and economic center, Santa Cruz, along with the departments of Beni and Pando. The area code 3 encompasses the eastern part of Bolivia, facilitating connections within the bustling city of Santa Cruz, the serene landscapes of Beni, and the lush forests of Pando.

Beni Area Code

Beni, with its vast expanses and rich biodiversity, also shares the Area Code 3. This area code is essential for anyone wishing to explore or communicate with individuals in Beni, providing a gateway to this unique ecological and cultural part of Bolivia. Remembering to use the 3 area code is key when making calls to or within Beni.

Pando Area Code

Pando utilizes the Area Code 3, aligning it with Santa Cruz and Beni. Known for its Amazonian rainforest and remote beauty, Pando is reachable via this area code, which covers the northeastern reaches of Bolivia. The 3 area code facilitates telecommunication in this lush, densely forested department.

Cochabamba Area Code

Cochabamba is represented by the Area Code 4. This area code unites the central regions of Bolivia, including the cities of Cochabamba, Chuquisaca, and Tarija. Known as the heart of Bolivia, Cochabamba’s rich culinary heritage and vibrant culture are accessible with the 4 area code, ensuring connectivity across this central hub.

Chuquisaca Area Code

Chuquisaca, which encompasses the constitutional capital, Sucre, also operates under the Area Code 4. This area code connects one to the historic heart of Bolivia, allowing for seamless communication within the department known for its judicial significance and colonial beauty.

Tarija Area Code

Lastly, Tarija shares the Area Code 4, rounding out the trio of departments in central Bolivia. Renowned for its wine country and mild climate, Tarija is part of this central area code grouping. To engage with the local communities or explore the vineyards, dialing the 4 area code will ensure your calls reach their intended destination within Tarija.

Importance of Area Codes in Bolivia

Area codes in Bolivia do more than just facilitate phone calls; they serve as a gateway to exploring the country’s diverse regions. Each area code encapsulates a part of Bolivia’s identity, from the Amazonian adventures awaiting in Pando to the historical wonders of Potosí. For travelers, knowing the correct area code is akin to having the right key to a treasure chest of experiences.

How to Call Bolivia from US (United States)

In summary, Bolivia is divided into nine departments, each with its own area code. Understanding the different area codes in Bolivia can help you make calls more efficiently and stay connected while in the country. Whether you are in La Paz, Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, or any other part of Bolivia, knowing the correct area code is essential for seamless communication.

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